Alive With Possibility Coaching Program

Activate The Power To Live Your Radiant Destiny! | taught by Julia Schneider

Course description

In the Alive With Possibility: Activate The Power To Live Your Radiant Destiny coaching program you will learn:

- How to hear, understand and deeply trust your intuition.

- How to manifest the kind of a life that you truly desire.

- How to effectively overcome and transform self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviour patterns.

- How to cultivate and sustain healthy lifestyle habits that will support you in truly thriving and flourishing in every area of your life.

- How to cultivate and sustain incredible and life-changing relationships with the people in your life.

- How to work in your Zone of Genius effortlessly and on a consistent basis.

- How to evoke and effectively utilize your authentic feminine power.

- How to generate the kind of support that you need in order to powerfully co-create your destiny.

- So much more!

Julia Schneider
Julia Schneider
Transformational Coach Specializing in Holistic Health & Healthy Relationships

I’m dedicated to empowering conscious, purpose-driven and heart-centred women to express their full potential, live in radiant alignment with their unique destiny path and rise to the next level of their success and flourishing.

I believe that within us there is a wellspring of unlimited potential and I am truly inspired by partnering with women to bring it forth in their lives, relationships and destiny path.

I use the principles I share in my own life and credit these as the source of my own fulfillment, success, healthy life/work balance and the ability to live an exciting and inspired life.

Course Curriculum

Session 1
Reconnect With Your Zest for Life
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Session 2
Unlocking the Power of Ease
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Session 3
Returning to Wholeness
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Session 4
Unlock Your Innate Capacity to Heal
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Session 5
Activating Your Superpowers
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Session 6
Co-create Your Radiant Destiny
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Session 7
Embodying Your Sovereign Domain
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Session 8
The Keys to Empowered Partnership
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Session 9
Soar Into Your New Life
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Bonus Masterclasses
Masterclass Series
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